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marvelous corn!

yesterday paul was eating corn. not straight out of the can because even i am a better mother than that, but close – i put some into a little plate for him, but that’s about all i did. he was really happy to be eating corn. he was smiling and rubbing his stomach in pleasure with not one but both hands. (if you are familiar with the fruit salad song by the wiggles, you’ll recognize the gesture as “yummy yummy.”)

every so often he would hold up a kernel to me as if for my inspection. i would just smile and say, “yummy!” and then he’d eat it. after the sixth or so time, i started to sing. “corn! [adjective] corn!”

corn! magnificent corn!
corn! grandiloquent corn!
corn! splendiferous corn!

after a while, he decided enough with the eating, i want to sing, too! and so he accompanied me with his own particular brand of singing that is not much more than the low droning of vowels. in this manner we amused ourselves until cam came home.



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