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toilet amnesia

i have the most ridiculous mental block.

once i flush the toilet, i instantly forget that i have done so. in public restrooms, i do the surreptitious walk-by, where hopefully no one has gone in to use my recently vacated stall because i have to peek inside to ensure that i have indeed flushed it. at least once in the past month someone else has entered the restroom just in time to catch me kicking in the stall door (i’ve washed my hands, i can’t touch the door again). i do this at work, too, even though we have the automatic flush (this is another source of stress for me, but i won’t go into that). at home, i leave the bathroom in order to almost immediately return to check. cam laughs when he hears the light go on again right after it goes off. (we have the light kit and fan kit hooked up to a solatube in our bathroom. cam cannot actually hear light. how interesting it would be if he could.)

it’s like an illness. a very very embarrassing illness.



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