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the office goth

if you came home with me and saw my work wardrobe – or if you work with me and are fairly observant – you’d see that i don’t do color. (i also don’t do dry-clean.) just about all of the components of my work wardrobe are black matte jersey. i love that stuff. wash and wear, just like me, i guess. the basic parts – long skirt, shorter skirt (i don’t do short, either), long pants, cropped pants, buttondown shirt – are all from the same place, and i hate to admit that i got the stuff at petite sophisticate because, well, i am not a fan of that [frumpy] store. i have a few other skirts, black or mostly black, that i wear for variety. then i have a bunch of black or mostly black shirts. i do have one very conspicuous white brooks brothers buttondown, but i have never worn it. i just have it because all the fashion magazines claim you need at least one, and what can i say, i’m a sheep.

today i am wearing a black skirt and a black shirt with white and gray dots. black shoes (the same shoes i wear to work practically every single day, even though they show off my horrendous flip-flop tan). silver watch with a black strap. black handbag. big black sunglasses (a la target).

it’s a uniform.



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