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clearly our child

it dawned on me this weekend that paul is just like his parents in one very striking regard: temporary obsession.

cam and i have left in our wake a veritable graveyard of fads*: pokemon, boy bands, rock ‘n’ roll jeopardy (to our credit, we watched that one out to the end. damn you, survivor, for taking our jeff probst away from us!), queer as folk, jamba juice, law & order: svu, kate spade, etc. etc. etc. paul, in his very short lifetime, has gone through similar phases. one could argue that it’s the nature of toddlers, but i don’t care for that reasoning.

cam: brmmm!
me: blooo!

paul started out liking jay jay the jet plane, a show i find frightening. (he also liked boohbah, but i’ve already written about that.) but he continued to watch it and listen to the soundtrack with great joy. his first birthday party sort of had a jay jay theme. ugh. with some careful nudging, i managed to move him over to the wiggles. now he won’t watch either one. he is currently hooked on blue’s clues, which i welcome in part simply because it is NOT dora the explorer. he’s also sort of interested in thomas the tank engine, but he seems to prefer the toys to the show.

dreck. i am so tired of dora the explorer. i am thrilled beyond belief that he seems to be tiring of this show. i know that toddlers like routine and the familiar blah blah blah come-on-vamonos-everybody-let’s-go-cakes, but this show (or at least the noggin version we watch) is painfully, painfully repetitive. it doesn’t help that paul has fixated on certain episodes. there are only so many times one can watch the damn super-blue bouncy bouncy ball without wanting to shoot oneself.

little bear is the most benign show on earth. boring!

cam wants him to like 64 zoo lane. i would prefer he watch crossing jordan, but that’s just me.

*by fads, i am referring to the merriam-webster dictionary definition: ”a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal.” fads to us, not necessarily fads for the rest of north america. for instance, we may obsess over christopher meloni (yay for beecher and keller) but we don’t really give a shit about the boho look sweeping the country.



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