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british gods

tonight cam is sitting next to me (we're in a room with six computers -- not all functional, mind you) checking out the world of comics and graphic novels. yesterday he mused aloud about neil gaiman, today he actually remembered enough to look up what's he's been doing lately.

i used to love neil gaiman's work. sandman -- all gazillion and one pages of it -- was one of the greatest things i had ever read. other english majors (i have a b.a. and an m.a. in english, thank you very much. never claimed to be a writer, though. just a reader.) may scoff at the medium, but i loved it. i read quite a few of this other writings, but i won't list them so i don't sound all fangirly and self-consciously hip. i am a mom, you know. i wear loafers from lands end. anyway, i never stopped enjoying these, i just sort of moved on to other things. lost the momentum.

cam: [reading aloud] children's crusade!
me: you're getting all nostalgic. soon you'll be teary.
cam: [sideways look] feh on you.

if cam's renewed interest brings more gaiman stuff into my home, i'll read it. maybe it'll recapture the magic i felt back then when cam and i were newly dating and he lent me his books and i stayed up late reading those instead of the ones i should have been reading for school. probably not, though... but it's a nice thought.



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