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random thoughts about blue's men

i'm a big fat liar because i am going to talk about joe (and steve (love!) because a day isn't a day until i say something about him).

i found the joe episode we watched this morning to be really, really distracting because his hair kept changing. i'm not accusing the good people behind the show of recycling footage with joe the way they did with steve*, but it was pretty obvious that some of the scenes were strung together. in some parts he has the hair he usually has, in other he's practically mullet-y. not a good look for him. sadly enough, the more i watch the more distracted i get by hair and makeup incontinuity and it's messing a bit with my enjoyment of the stories.

one of the steve eps was really good and really cute. the other one was close to the end of steve's time on the show, and well, it shows. still love him though. have i mentioned lately that his cd is amazing?

on one of the tv sites i frequent, i noticed that donovan patton is credited with being "joe burns." this just cracks me up.

i watched the clip of steve on "yes, dear." hilarious. got it from here. "so do you want to make out?" how many moms have had this exact dream? surreal.

i clearly watch this show entirely too much.

*watch several of the early steve eps in a row. watch steve's hair before he sings the main blue's clues song, during and afterwards. there are definite breaks between those three points (they kept this structure with joe, by the way) -- first steve sings either by himself or crouching next to side table. then he sings the song right in front of the thinking chair. right after he sings the word "anything," he dives out of view and blue jumps up to fill the screen. then steve pops back up with jazz hands and sings "that we want to do." the part in the middle is reused several times. i'm sure most moms already know this, but i just wanted to write about it because it will consume me alive until i write it down. looking at later episodes, i see that the this particular sequence often looks a little different from the rest of the show -- i don't necessarily think at this point that it's because of recycling but rather that it was shot at a different time from the rest of the surrounding scenes. i am so overthinking this.



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