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"special sizes"

on saturday afternoon we went to the outdoor mall in century city (i guess it's a westfield shoppingtown or something like that now? i used to adore this mall until dive! went under. god, i so did not mean that the way it came out. feh.). we had two reasons for being there: eileen fisher and apple. cam bought this thing for his ipod (itrip?) and i went to the eileen fisher store where i bought a cardigan.

anyway, i saw the cardigan in the window, so we went inside and i found the correct rack almost immediately. i located what i thought was my size and put the cardigan on. it was much looser than i expected and the sleeves were a little too long. i pretty much have monkey arms, so this rather surprised me. then it hit me -- i was looking at the "normal" sizes. so i scanned the room and saw the petite section in the rear left corner. we went back there and i found my real size. when i put it on, i was really startled at the difference in sizing. i'm sure i was so startled i would have bored cam with my account of "wow, this is different," but paul wanted so very desperately to go into the dressing room area because there was a ceiling fan back there, so cam had his hands full trying to keep him from running away.

so now i know that in eileen fisher world, petite sizing really means something. yes, i know various store sites have little "petite fit comparison guides" so you can see the difference, but i don't generally frequent those stores -- besides, you're just looking at pictures. it's nice to actually see and feel the difference -- it reminds me that there really is a point to seeking out petite sizes (at least for me). i know a lot of petite folks can get away with wearing regular sizes -- for instance, buying long pants and having them hemmed -- but i'm not one of them. I'm ridiculously short-waisted and although my legs are long for my height, well, my height is still short and therefore my legs aren't all that long.

a minor gripe about "petite" sizing: petite does not mean skinny. labeling xs as "p" in regular sizing is completely misleading. i have smirked over the ignorance on a particular fashion forum (because the majority of the posters are tall, extra-skinny, possessing of designer apparel equivalent in value to my southern california home and clearly are the very last word in truth), but finding this myth perpetuated in stores is beyond exasperating. petite is all about proportion. many short and not scrawny women never consider wearing petites because they think that petite means teeny, but then they try stuff on and could cry because goddamn it, something fits properly for once. if you're 5'4" and under give it a shot.



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