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new music tuesday

bought fiona apple's latest on saturday and am only today getting to listen to it in its entirety. i've missed her. not enough to see her in concert and yell things like, "you're brilliant, fiona!" at her*, but enough to buy a dualdisc that i can't even play in my computer at work.

it's a good album -- really like the title track -- but i don't think it's the best evah as some of the amazon reviews would indicate. i believe you really do have to be a fan of fiona's to fully appreciate this album. looking back, as much as i felt "when the pawn..." was a much more cohesive effort, nothing in that album stood out as much as, say, "shadowboxer" from "tidal." (i love love love "never is a promise," but i have to turn it off before the sudden jarring ending. it's ugly.) i haven't tried listening to all three albums consecutively, but i suspect that i'll find "extraordinary machine" to be the more sophisticated version of "when the pawn..." not bad, but not a new-fan-winning-kind-of-outstanding.

* swear to god. we rolled our collective eyes and laughed at the angsty young miss sitting nearby. it's a hard thing to yell intelligibly at anyone, especially in a place like the wiltern. wonder exactly what she heard -- if anything?



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