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have i ever mentioned my elevator habit? when i get into an elevator -- if i'm alone, of course -- i automatically walk backwards towards a rear corner (the closest one to the side where i entered) and look up at my reflection on the mirrored ceiling. no idea why i do this, but i do. if someone else is in the elevator with me, i consciously fight not to look at the ceiling. i also avoid eye contact like the plague.

speaking of elevators, this afternoon an elevator was the primo location o' redface for me. i was trying to get to the tenth floor for a meeting, but once i got into the elevator i went on auto-pilot and chose the lobby. so the elevator went down, down, down to the lobby. fortunately, only one guy got in. he looked at me curiously. i was so flustered and the tenth floor button took forever to light up. he was still looking at me, so i blurted out that i was so embarrassed and that i couldn't believe i had just done that and oh my god, i need coffee. he smiled and made comforting comments until we reached the tenth floor. nice guy, but i was still absolutely mortified.



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