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fatted calf

i am glum, glum, glum. it might be time to just give in and admit that my legs are too chunky for boots. i am returning the second pair of boots that didn't zip over my calves. i'm a little perplexed. i never thought my calves were a problem spot. thighs and hips, sure. but calves? do i walk too much? do i need to do calf-slimming exercises? argh. why is it so hard to find a simple flat (or wedge) boot? i never thought it would be this difficult. it's boot season, for chrissakes.

i'm liking these boots by merrell. surely with those stretchy panels they'll fit my big ole fat legs, right? but maybe i should just get some shorter boots -- that would solve this issue by just ignoring it. i don't really need knee-high ones, even though that's what i really want. maybe i am dwelling on this entirely too much.



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