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weekend plans

this morning in the shower i was wondering about what i would need to do this weekend in order to feel accomplished. i know i need to clean up paul's room and put up the new cloud and airplane decals we bought for him, and i know i need to go to the grocery and possibly clean the bathroom and kitchen floors, but i wanted a more satisfying project. a start-to-end kind of thing like paul's footstool from last weekend. if only i had ordered my mom's plastic crown molding last week, then maybe i could have worked on that this weekend. there's no drilling involved in that, though, so i wouldn't get the fun of wielding my little battery-powered drill.

in the car, i was all set to talk to cam about his when i remembered that he only has one and it's huge -- to get the insurance issue straightened out. i felt rather petty after this realization and disinclined to talk.



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