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top bunk

we spent saturday morning at the cemetery, doing our usual christmas decorating things for my dad, my brother and my grandfather. once a year my mom and i and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins meet up at the cemetery to put up a small tree and some sort of fence up around the three graves. for some, it's the only time they go all year. for my mom -- and myself, for the most part -- it's a once-a-month deal. normally we just bring flowers, but we tend to go all out for christmas. (can't remember the last time i helped out with the post-holiday clean-up, though.) paul wore the monkey and ran around with cam in tow while i decorated with my mom.

after we left rose hills, cam, paul and i ventured to costa mesa ikea to check out the toddler bed. paul gamely allowed us to put the monkey back on and we headed into the store. we were almost instantly assailed by giant SALE signs in red and yellow. sale, hm? what sale? we found the bed and i was disappointed. it was little and cute, but there wasn't anything particularly buy-me about it. paul ran around the children's area and waved hello to a few kids. he also made use of the slide. the bed held no interest at all.

we made our way to the bunk beds and were shocked to see that one, the expensive new bunk bed was 25% off, and two, it was standing next to the $99 bunk bed. the beds were very similar, but you could tell that the more expensive one was the more expensive one for a reason. cam checked with a sales associate to see if the sale was ikea-wide or if it was only for costa mesa. someone assured him it was ikea-wide (minus select stores), so we decided to just buy the bunk bed in carson.

that night we dropped paul off at his grandparents' house and went to ikea carson with plans for dinner afterwards. we went straight to the beds and ack! sure, the bed was there and it was on sale, but it was $13 more expensive than in costa mesa. outrage! but $13 wasn't enough to make a stink about, so we bought it, waited endlessly in pick-up (they mistakenly gave us only box two of two, so we had to wait for them to pull the other box -- and to think i was so impressed that a bunk bed could into one very skinny box) and finally got to dinner more than an hour later than intended. but no matter, the restaurant was open, the food was good, we were drinking.

sunday night we started to assemble the bed. we decided to only build the top bunk because it had a guardrail. the bottom bunk could wait. paul enjoyed himself by stealing wooden pegs and screws and by running away with a large part of wood. cam was grumpy and sweaty as he put the bed together by himself (because i had to figure out how to occupy the child). when it was done, paul was delighted and danced on top of it. we moved the furniture around in our room and managed to sidecar paul's bed to my side. nightstands moved to the end of the bed, alarm clocks perched at the head. it looks weird, but so what? what really was pleasing to me was that i got to ditch the bedrail i've been sleeping against for the past year and a half.

then i had the horrifying realization that we did not have a twin-sized waterproof mattress cover. we didn't have sheets, but that was no rush -- we could borrow a twin from my mom or temporarily wrap a queen around the mattress. the mattress cover, however, was key (remember, paul still drinks a bottle at night -- i expect all his teeth to rot and fall out any day now), so cam and i left paul with my mom and went to target.

target, as expected, was crowded as hell for 8:30 pm on a sunday. cam and i were on a mission, though, so we were in and out in about 15 minutes. we bought a mattress pad and two sets of twin sheets (one disney cuties set, one store-brand holiday flannel). we hadn't even had dinner yet, so we picked up something to eat on our way home.

it took forever for paul to fall asleep, but he finally did. in the middle of the night i awoke to find him standing on his bed and staring at me. "mom!" so i climbed off my bed and into his. got him a bottle and we snuggled until he fell asleep again. then i went back to my own bed.

this transition will be a struggle, i can tell -- not just a struggle for him, but one for me, too. he's a step further away from being my wee baby and i'm not sure i'm handling it well.



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