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i've been hunting for a laptop bag for a long time now. first i had to buy one for the laptop that was supposedly mine. ended up with the stm profile bag. it's a nice bag, i like it, but it took forever to find one that was pleasing to me yet wasn't offensive to cam. (since i assumed he'd carry it once in a while). little did i realize i was actually buying it for cam. good thing i didn't buy a girly one.

now with my new laptop, i'm back in the hunt. so far i'm torn between three crumpler bags (12" skivvy/breakfast buffet/wee bee) and two from stm (small drift/small alley). i thought about acme made, but those might be a little too fancy for my needs. i also considered tom bihn's lux bag, but you know, until they come out with those promised inserts (one for laptop, another for diapering!), it's just a tote bag.

in my search i learned that the people who care the most about this sort of thing would be the apple people. the mac evangelists. it's hilarious how many google searches brought up apple folks going on and on about bags for their precious toys. cracked me up. but i appreciated it because hey, it helped me narrow my focus. still funny though.

i already knew that i wanted something small but that would hold the adaptor, wouldn't have an overabundance of velcro, would only have one strap (because double-straps are the enemy of this slope-shouldered gal) and would cost less than $150. i never found one i really had to have, so cam suggested i just get a sleeve and use a diaper bag until i found the one i wanted. (i just read something about someone using a skiphop diaper bag (of which i have two!) as a laptop bag, so... maybe i really should try that first.) considering i want a new diaper bag and am having similar difficulties finding one to suit me, i figured i better just buy a damned bag and be happy with it.

cam: you could always buy another one later.

my kind of guy.

i told cam he could buy a bag for me for my birthday, so i sent him a list of links. however, i'm still looking. guess i'm still hoping that i haven't yet come across my ideal.



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