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today i said my unofficial goodbyes to the cr-v.

with one accident still as yet unresolved with insurance, we got hit AGAIN today. rearended on pch near crenshaw. we were stopped with traffic and all seemed well. suddenly there was a big crushing sound and i think i may have shrieked. i don't know. poor paul covered his eyes with one arm and his lips quivered.

cam moved the car over to the right lane and eventually pulled into a driveway of a mobile home park. a white banged-up volvo followed. i moved paul's arm away from his eyes -- sad wet scared eyes -- and he whispered, "crash." after we parked, i took him out of his carseat and he rested his little head on my shoulder.

the other driver had been on his phone and just didn't stop in time. he was sincerely apologetic (as he should have been) and felt really awful paul was so scared.

he and cam exchanged info and we parted ways. cam and i were supposed to go to a fancy joint-birthday dinner at depot, but we didn't feel up to it. instead, we're getting takeout sandwiches and ice cream and spending the evening at home. paul is with cam's parents.

i am now convinced that the car is cursed and i can't wait to get rid of it. cam agrees that the car must go. what we'll replace it with is still up in the air. we've only owned the car since september 2003 and we've already been in four accidents (three times we've been hit -- once head-on, once from the side and now once from the rear -- and once cam rearended someone (but that time resulted in no damage to either car and no insurance claims)). it has to go. it was a fine car, but i was never as attached to it as i was to my civic (which we traded in for the cr-v).



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