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long road home

paul tells tales, sort of. he implies the happenings of things that never happened and denies the things that actually did. then we have to sort through the huh-huhs and noes to get at the truth.

no, we haven't used the waffle iron yet.
no, he didn't go to the airport.
oh, don't lie to me, i can smell you from here.

based on this, you would think that it would be pretty obvious that asking paul a more detailed question than "are you hungry?" is probably not worth it. but when paul lost his new train (toby), cam went straight to paul to see if he could lead him to thomas' missing friend.


my mother was the one who alerted me to toby's absence. i was cutting out the diaper genie insert when i realized that his room was surprisingly clean. i mentioned it to my mom and she told me she had cleaned it up while looking for toby. apparently paul had been carrying toby all day long as they jaunted back and forth between her house and ours. at some point during the afternoon, toby disappeared. paul claimed he was lost outside.

paul first led cam to his room, where toby was supposedly under the slide. then he took him to the backyard, where toby was supposedly hiding near my mom's house. then he took him inside my mom's house, where toby was supposedly on a table, in the freezer and in the sorbet in the freezer. then he took him around the side of the house and then to the front. they looked in the ivy, then paul told him that he was in some leaves. paul eventually said that toby was "gone," "far away," somewhere near the ocean. later paul told me that toby was in either a blue or black car (can't remember which). he did at the very least confirm that toby was not in the goodyear blimp.

cam planned to buy another toby and just tell paul that he had returned from wherever it was he had gone.

this afternoon my mom came over with toby. he had been under her couch. paul didn't seem surprised he was back, so i guess that means he has an optimistic nature. either that or he's a big faker.



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