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i've been sort of half-heartedly looking for new sunglasses to replace my beloved target shades because i noticed they were looking a little ratty and chipped. cam hasn't been too helpful in this because he doesn't appreciate the large-scale glasses i like to wear (think olsen twins, i guess?). i'm torn between dita and oliver peoples... can't decide. anyway, today at lunch paul was reaching for my glasses, so i handed them to him. bad move. before i even took a breath, he was handing them back to me -- in pieces. he somehow managed to snap off one of the sides. i thought that maybe a screw came out, but nope, the hinges were cracked.

now i guess i'm in the market for sunglasses. cam told me to buy a pair of cheapies until i decided on a pair, but i know that "temporary" becomes "permanent" for me really quickly. argh. i'm not upset about this, really, just a little irritated. i thought my target pair were sturdier than that.



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