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early morning vent

i can't believe i haven't written about this before. i did a search first and nothing, so i guess i must have forgotten -- or i must have thought i wrote about it and mentally filed it (in the circular file). eh.

the driver in our dui hit-and-run called cam a few weeks ago. apparently he had met with the judge and the lawyers (they had a follow-up meeting that cam was not told to attend) and the judge had told him that he could contact us and see about arranging a deal -- like settling on x amount of dollars and calling it a night.

um, excuse me?

first of all, i've been unhappy with the fact that he mails his $100 checks directly to our house and therefore knows our address. not that we are necessarily endangered by this, but still.

second -- tell me, explain to me, please -- why does a fucking drunk driver who hits a stopped car head-on and drives away (to be chased down by good samaritans and police) get the opportunity to RENEGOTIATE his debt with his VICTIM? the hell?

i don't understand. i don't. so this man calls up cam and i am shocked how well cam takes this news. i would have been stuttering with sheer unadulterated rage. or i would have burst into tears. either way, excessive emotion. cam calmly tells him that he will need to talk to insurance because cam -- unlike him -- cannot make such a deal on his own. he also agrees to send the guy some receipts (does the guy think we made up an amount just to jack him?), but cam being cam forgets to send them.

insurance (surprise!) is uninterested in talking to cam. calls are either not returned or no one he talks to seems to have any idea what he's talking about. not quite sure on the timeline here.

the guy called back the other day, so cam rushed to put together the receipts to mail. cam also called insurance yet again and after a couple of phone calls (i'm a little fuzzy on this, too) the insurance people had cam tell the guy that cam's part in this is over and that the guy should now be sending payments directly to them. cam is relieved to have that off his back. i don't quite know what insurance is going to do in terms of this deal. i guess i should have really asked cam before i started writing this. whatever. it's over. insurance, please give us our money.

in related news, cam finally had that honda dealer return his $500 deposit for the civic hybrid. one more nightmare over.

also in related news: remember how we got rearended less than a month ago? there's no clear resolution in sight because the driver was not insured to be driving that particular car or something like that. happy happy joy joy.

and final car thing, i promise: it looks like we are going to have sell the cr-v ourselves because we are going to get absolutely murdered on the trade-in value due to frame damage from the very first time we were hit. who has time? dammit, why couldn't insurance have declared it a total after the hit-and-run?

i ought to go back to bed before i come up with something else to complain about.



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