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not sure why, but one of paul's favorite videos (discovered on google video) is a strange little scribbly thing set to fall out boy's "sugar, we're going down," complete with misheard lyrics scrawled on the screen. it's just hilarious. that song is mostly unintelligible.

cam and i were watching "cd usa" on saturday afternoon and heard that fall out boy was going to perform that very song. "let's see if paul notices," cam murmured. paul had his back to the tv, but as soon as he heard those opening chords he spun around and stared at the tv. to a toddler, a live performance by just about any band is going to pale in comparison to a cartoon of a band, so he turned to cam, pointed at the tv and declared, "same. 'puter."

cam: yes, it's the same.
paul: watch 'puter.
cam: um, sure, maybe later...

i was more amused by the fact that that the audience was singing along. did they really know the correct words or were they singing the strange garbled semi-english featured in the video?



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