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grown-up time

cam and i had a great time last night. we meant to get pizza and beer at bj's in westwood, but the crowds led us across the street to the gypsy cafe, where we shared a greek salad, ate tasty sandwiches (mine vegetarian, cam's a chicken schwarma) and laughed at a pretentious couple eating outside in the rain just so they could keep an eye on their red ferrari parked out front. (question: what is it with hookah pipes and westwood? on that one street there were two restaurants -- including the gypsy cafe -- that offered them.)

then we went over to the geffen playhouse to watch david mamet's "boston marriage." it's cool going into these things completely blind. we knew nothing about the story (other than the connotation of the title) and who was in it, so imagine our surprise to discover we'd be watching mary steenburgen and alicia silverstone? startling. it was really funny -- thin plotwise, though -- and we enjoyed it. we're not particularly sophisticated theatergoers, though, so i'm sure the more cultured among us would snicker at our (especially mine) naivete.

i really like these evenings out with cam. i was a little wary when he suggested we get the geffen subscription, but i'm glad we decided to go ahead and just do it.



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