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hand signals

paul has been doing something very cute for the past few weeks (in fact, so cute, cam actually pulled out the video camera to capture it). i don't know where it came from, but it goes like this:

paul: [right hand out in front, thumbs up] yes!
paul: [right hand lowered, thumbs down] no!
paul: [right hand out to right side, thumb sort of halfway between up and down] maybe!

then the variations kick in: either he suddenly bends over double, head to knees, hands on floor -- or he swings the right hand over to the left side and exclaims, "house!" or "mommy!" or "daddy!" or something completely different.

yes, no, maybe, monkey!
yes, no, maybe, blue's clues!
yes, no, maybe, fries!

it's still painfully cute -- and it's always accompanied by giggles.



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