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hard to get

i fall in and out of love with material goods easily and often. i love so many "it" bags and assorted "it" accessories, even though i don't really think i would like to own them (nice way to sidestep the whole affordability issue). when i find something a little lesser known, a little lesser advertised that strikes my fancy i go to amusing lengths to try to locate it. i usually don't find it, but there never is too much heartbreak involved because after a while i tend to forget that i wanted it. this amnesia really helps my sanity and my bank account.

right now i am wasting much time and energy hunting for a mulberry ledbury (chocolate brown -- saw one on ebay uk) and anything, anything at all about the orla kiely stem punched leather tote. (i don't even know what other colors were available. ebay uk has an olive one listed and it's lovely, but olive isn't really a color i do well.) i have been admiring orla kiely's fun fabrics for a long time, but only today did i discover the beautiful leathers she has, too.

i was intrigued by kazuyo nakano's leather handbags, but cam wasn't impressed, so i gave up on those.

i always feel half a step behind, stylewise. if i wasn't, maybe i could locate these much more easily... but then again, is that a good idea? i'd go broke. maybe it's best that i'm so far back.



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