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"the anything box" seems to have taken over as paul's favorite episode of blue's clues. we actually haven't watched "blue's big car trip" in a long time, but he still refers to it when he's tired or wants to delay bedtime a little longer. ("drink milk. watch joe-car!")

how do i know it's his favorite episode? well, he hasn't said anything about it being his favorite (and "favorite" has been pretty high on the vocab list lately for him), but sunday evening we spent at least an hour reenacting the entire episode with the help of a large cardboard box.

he looked in the box. "it's... it's... it's empty!

he stood it on its side and crawled in. "top floor, please."

he lay it flat and climbed inside. "airplane!"

he got out and got back in. "sled!"

he stood it up again. "pizza, please. thank you. fork, please. thank you. napkin, please. thank you."

he set it back down and climbed inside yet again. "rowwer coaster. going up... going down!"

beyond cute.



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