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quick change artist

kind of have to wonder what the doormen at work have to think about me. every morning i arrive about 6:40-something, scant makeup, obviously damp hair and generally just a rumpled appearance. bag lady extraordinare.

then i get to my office and the transformation begins. shabby coat hung on hanger by the door, wet hair combed out to dry, lipstick applied -- got to get the work image ready. by the time i head down to pick up my mail and greet our temp, i'm alarmingly cheerful and all put together. when i head out the door in the evenings, my hair is still combed, my lipstick still glossy and i have a confident (and fast) walk.

by the time i get home, i'm ready to shed the all-black professional attire for (all-black) sweats. Within seconds of getting in the door, the clothes are changed, the shoes are off and I'm spinning a boy in the air. whiz bang pop, who am i now?



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