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shallow pleasures

i got my speedy 25 last night. cam is far too kind to me. i didn't think we'd go out yesterday because it was getting late and i was still unwashed, but he insisted we go to south coast plaza (after calling both south coast plaza and the beverly center lv boutiques to see if they carried the speedy 25 in black epi leather).

so i showered and off we went. the lv boutique was crowded, but cam went right up to the counter and asked for the speedy 25 and 30 in monogram canvas and the speedy 25 in black epi. of course, they had sold out of the black, so cam asked to see the orange so that we could at least see an epi speedy. it was cute, but it was hard for me to get past the orange. the speedy 30 was too big for me. cam was right. then i asked for the jasmin in black. (cam was all, "what the hell is that?") the sales associate smiled. "that is a nice bag," she said approvingly.

she brought it over and i fell in love. so pretty! it had gold hardware, so we asked them to check for silver. "maybe they'll make this easy on me and only have it in gold," i said to cam. calls and whispers ensued. end result was that they only had silver in the blue, i think. even though i kind of knew this would be the case, i was still disappointed. it was so gorgeous and cam liked it, too. we deemed it almost the perfect black bag.

i ended up buying the monogram speedy 25 and i think i might be spoiled for life. the shopping experience wasn't all that great -- so crowded, lots and lots of asian women (that was actually just an observation -- i don't have anything against asian women) -- but the presentation was so charming. my purse was practically gift-wrapped. is there any store at a lower price point that packs up their products so nicely?

carrying the lv shopping bag seemed to make me part of an exclusive club. even with my hair a mess, my clothes so underwhelming (old jeans, gapkids velcro sneakers with paint on them, katamari t-shirt and black hooded sweatshirt), child on my hip, women still scoped me out, eyeing the bag with curiosity and open jealousy. it was hilarious, and yes, it was part of the whole shallow pleasurable experience. i'm not above a little consumer oneupmanship. not at all.

in other purse news: i am completely, utterly cured of the lust for the celine clandestine and the boogie bag. they didn't have a clandestine in the store (well, at least as far as we went inside), but they did have a few iterations of the boogie. adorable, but for over a grand i expect my purses to have feet. not to mention the chilly reception we got from the staff... we started to walk towards the store and the salesguy up front whipped out his cell phone or something and proceeded to poke at it the whole time we were in there. the saleswomen futher inside didn't even look up. believe it or not, guys, i can afford this, and if you'd rather my money went to lv, well, so be it.



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