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a matter of trust

cam's response to the mailman issue:

my parents have always been friendly with the mail carriers. but...

i am much calmer about this now and i think i can actually articulate what bothers me about the picture. (i emailed it to a friend and he was all wait-who-what-where? "who took a picture of your son with the mailman? that is totally random." in my "incoherent rage/confusion," i had forgotten to mention the identity of the photographer.) it's not like i was concerned that the mailman would stuff my son into a mailsack and drive away with him -- hell, it was cam's dad taking the picture -- i think the real issues here are about trust and strangers and the fact that we can NEVER HAVE PAUL OUT OF OUR SIGHT BECAUSE APPARENTLY HE IS MR. FRIENDLY. my god, is my child destined to be the boy who trustingly walks off with the second coming of john wayne gacy?

i think i just riled myself up again. jesus h. christ, i need a drink.



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