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comic timing

at breakfast this morning paul demonstrated his mastery of the art of gentle mockery.

bit of background: we are all prone to the sarcastic "ha ha." sometimes it's accompanied by finger-pointing. sometimes it's loud and obnoxious. sometimes it's quiet and not really all that mean. even my mom does it. do something embarrassing? ha ha. make a mistake? ha ha. it's just instinctual.

after a trip to the cemetery to bring flowers to my brother (his death anniversary is this wednesday), my father and my grandfather, the four of us -- cam, paul, my mom, me -- decided to go to baker's square for breakfast. they sat us a table near the entrance, which just so happens to be home to one of those carnival claw games. 50 cents gives you so many seconds to maneuver a claw around a glass box filled with stuffed animals. press the button and the claw descends. hopefully when it comes back up it'll have a toy in its grasp. cam loves these games, but i can't remember the last time he actually won something.

true to character, while we were waiting for our food, cam got up from the table to play. because of our location, we didn't even need to follow him to watch. as the claw rose empty-handed, from his high chair paul said loudly to his father, "ha ha."

i was in tears i was laughing so hard. cam was laughing. my mom was laughing. i'm laughing just thinking about it now. paul was proud of himself. "me said... me said ha ha!" he declared. is this a good thing? i don't know. it's probably not cool that he knows how to laugh at people. that said, his resemblance to us just got a whole lot stronger.



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