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evel knievel

last night paul decided he wanted to jump over things. lots of things. unfortunately, paul's balance kind of sucks, so "jumping" really meant me swinging him over said things and depositing him gently on the other side.

at his most triumphant, he managed to "jump" over 16 items lined up in a row. i wrote them down to document this momentous occasion.

1) toy car (a beetle, actually)
2) thomas
3) tin hersey's truck
4) henry
5) toy airplane
6) toy truck
7) jet engine (actually a toy wooden engine from target)
8) annie
9) clarabel
10) toy garage
11) toy train (brio?)
12) edward
13) skarloey
14) arthur
15) toy train (brio?)
16) passenger coach

he also added a wooden fire station and a wooden police station (blocks about three inches square) to the end, but he had tired of the game by then and didn't feel like jumping. thank god. my arms were getting pretty tired of the lift-and-swing thing we had going on.



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