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cam and i went out to dinner after work because, frankly, we needed beer. so we headed over to the red robin over at the south bay galleria and indulged ourselves in almost identical meals -- whiskey river barbeque burgers (medium for cam, boca for me) and medium brown beers (1 newcastle for me, 2 hefeweizens for cam). we laughed hysterically because the waiter brought me a bottled beer sans glass. (he brought one later after the second request.) "look at you," cam said, "you look like the last person to be drinking beer out of a bottle."

after dinner we went for a short stroll around nordstrom. we checked out the purses (and a nice older saleslady complimented by blue mj multipocket). cam scoffed at mj's quilted denim line. i was disappointed by mj's quilted patent (but was secretly relieved to be able to cross the the large satchel off my mental wishlist because man, that shit is pricey). seeing nothing of real interest, we crossed over to the sunglasses. i tried on what felt like a zillion pairs. cam was meh. some were nice, but huge glittery logos on the earpieces made us cringe. i put on a pair of aviators. cam was amused. "you look like a cop... a hot cop." then i showed cam a pair that i had tried on earlier (he had been on the other end of the counter at the time). he instantly liked the shape, but was less than enthused about the giant "d&g" on the side. he took the glasses and asked a saleslady for a similar pair minus the "glittery crap." she came over and unlocked the chanel case. she showed me two pairs, but we were all in agreement that the big d&gs were the best ones. i pulled my hair down over the logos. "is this better?" i asked cam. "gotta show that you're wearing expensive sunglasses!" the saleslady remarked over our laughter. when i decided that i was going to go with that pair, she was astonished to find that they were relatively cheap. "i was sure they were over $200!" using the giftcard from my mom that i got for my birthday, the glasses ended up being less than $50 bucks (cam made up the difference, bless his heart). they came with a ridiculously flashy case, in white no less. hm, i don't expect to be using that one for very long.

i'm so pleased to have replacement sunglasses. i just need to be sure that i keep them away from paul. with the bold logo designs on the side, though, i'm not sure i'll be able to keep his little hands off of them.



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