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home away from home

the new office is quite nice. i'm unpacked, boxes have been flattened, the whiteboard has been cleaned of all marks except the ones made by paul on saturday, the window treatment* has been put together and installed (much to the bewilderment of an IT dept that has clearly never been exposed to the whims of grace). now it's time to make decisions about what to do, decor-wise.

there are two very white walls i'd love to spruce up with wallpaper and poster tape. right now i am trying to choose between three different designs: the mibo selsey in gray, cole & son's woods in either white or magenta, or graham and brown's lovely purple damask. whenever i mention this project to people here, the first question is always "does [the boss] know?" my response has always been that he told me that i could do anything i wanted because it's my office, but i do have a tiny kernel of fear that he'd say no given the chance... so i choose to stay mum until it's too late. we'll just have to see how it goes. i was originally determined to use the damask because it's the cheapest, but my sample taped to the wall is just not wowing me. i think i need to get samples of the other two before i make my determination.

*after some minor flibbertigibbishness, i settled on a screen made of a webby polyester panel ($5.99 at ikea) and two tension rods. (i was originally looking for a roll of rice paper or mulberry paper, but i couldn't find any and i didn't really have the time to go on a real hunt for the stuff.) i cut the screen to size and elmer-glued rod pockets at the top and bottom. actually, i only made the top rod pocket at home -- the bottom one i made this morning after i fit the screen to the window. i suspect i made it slightly too short, but it looks pretty good. my boss thought someone frosted the glass.



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