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"i don't look longingly at bmws anymore"

the other day i received a birth announcement from a coworker. i mentioned it to my assistant, who looked puzzled. "birth announcement? are those done?" (no, he didn't mean "done" as in "stick a fork in it," but rather "the usual thing to do.") i think i must have looked as astonished as i felt because he looked a little sheepish, i thought. "of course," i said. we did birth announcements, too. in fact, 2003-04 brought us a veritable bumper crop of birth announcements. "just not your world, huh?" he shrugged. "well, the next step -- provided you are willing to provide details -- is the emailed birth story..."

joel called today to see how we were doing with the new car. it occurred to me at that moment that i must not have written the a3's "birth story." (i can see cam cringing.)

it all started february 7. cam introduced the audi a3 to our car research list.

by february 26, he was driving one home.

cam: really? that's it? no, i had to have mentioned it earlier.
me: nope. you sent me an email at work on february 7th. i just saw it again.
cam: [embarrassed] oh.

when he learned we were shopping for a car, kind and research-happy joel informed me of an interesting car buying research service. cam decided to purchase an info package, but he never got to use it fully because the dealership where we took our test drive a few weeks back had unexpectedly -- and when i say unexpectedly, i mean unexpectedly (i was a little steamed because we had plans and he broke them) -- come through with a price that cam was willing to accept. he didn't even really go over to the dealership that day with any concrete plans to buy, just to play around a little (and check out the moro blue over the lava gray). instead, they played him. my cam, he is a softy. but he got the car he wanted, they got the sale they needed, so it was win-win all around.

today in the mail cam received a funny tin audi postcard from his salesguy (michael smuck over at pacific audi in torrance). we were charmed.

the a3 is a nice car. i'm pleased, but i know it's going to take a while to get used to the smallness of it. paul was initially mad because we didn't get blue (considering i just a few weeks back told cam that my only two requirements for the new car were 1) four doors and 2) blue, i guess i too should be mad), but now he seems happy enough. because the backseat of the a3 is so much smaller than the backseat of the cr-v (duh), paul's carseat is now behind the driver's seat, right next to a window... so i can see how this might go a ways toward his car satisfaction. as for cam, he's still starry-eyed.



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