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looking for common ground

i recently put together one of the sappiest, whitest, adult-contemporariest, easy-listeningest playlists ever made. (sure, there are flashes of cool, but they are few and far between.)

last night we were listening to it in the car. a toto song came on, "i'll be over you." (yes, i did indeed say "toto.") even though it was my very own playlist, i slipped and said it was howard jones, but quickly corrected myself.

paul mumbled something from around the bottle in his mouth. cam laughed.

me: what? what's so funny?
paul: [mumble]
cam: that's right! yoko jakamoko toto!
paul: [clearly] yoko. jakamoko. toto. yoko. jakamoko. toto.

not quite the toto i was talking about, but probably cooler. at least in 2006.



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