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occupational hazards

things have been so hectic at work i've been feeling a more than a little worn. it seems like this has been a week of emergencies. lots of stuff going on, both good and bad, all of it time-consuming. even though i only went to work four days this week, i feel like i was looking forward to the weekend more than usual.

today was very much an up-and-down day.

i was frantic with work -- had a 4 pm cutoff that made the 3 pm to 4 pm hour positively painful.

joel called.

i got news that well respected coworked was leaving the firm, and that this departure might cause other people (well liked people) to leave, too.

my boss told me that his new boss had arranged -- with a single phone call -- to have me moved to the office i've been waiting for since when, i don't know, august?

a secretary friend stressed me out with an 11th hour freakout about something that could have been resolved over a week ago.

then when i wanted to go home, a friend in another office had issues with our accounting software that she wanted to resolve, so i had to wait for her to make changes in the system and then generate an invoice.

i felt like my workday was never going to end.



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