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red ink

whenever paul hears a question being asked on tv, he'll answer it, and 99.5% of the time he gets the answer wrong. i'm not sure if this bothers me. wait, i take that back. it does kind of bother me, i know that. if it didn't i wouldn't be mentioning it here. (considering how many times i've thought about it, you'd think i would have written about it already.)

what actually bothers me about this isn't that he isn't answering these questions correctly, but that i'm not sure about the extent to which i should be correcting him. initially i would chime in with something perky, encouraging and noncorrectional-sounding, but... then he'd stop whatever he'd be doing and just look at me with the most amusing look of disgust.

paul: girl, please.

this begs the question: is he just fucking with my mind? i suspect he might be. if that's the case, then maybe i shouldn't say anything. i feel a bit like ender's mom.



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