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the legend of the blue swoo

yesterday i got a surprise package in the mail.

it shouldn't have been a surprise -- because, after all, i ordered it -- but i thought it was backordered and so wasn't expecting it for at least a month or so, however, since i've been sick/busy, i haven't checked my home email in about a week, so it's possible that they notified me that it was now available... but i digress.

inside the box was a big, bold, shiny silver swirl on a chain. my trademark!

a few years back, when the pokemon craze was just starting to sweep the nation (and we were steadfastly ignoring it), i happened to see a cute little blue poliwag on the cover of a magazine at the supermarket. i told cam about it. "it's really cute," i said, "and it has a swoo face."

baffled, he asked, "what is a swoo face?"

"it looks like it's saying 'swoo'," i replied, demonstrating.

cam has called me swoo ever since, and because the poliwag has a swirl on its chest, the swirl has become my logo.

when i watched blue's clues for the first time, i felt like it was instantly familiar because steve's house was covered in swirls. why shouldn't i adopt that show for my own?

it's kind of funny, but i suddenly feel like this post is one of the most embarrassing that i've ever written.



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