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my boss stopped by my office this morning to tell me that my window treatment is a hit. he's hearing from other office owners down here that it's a great idea and they all want one. apparently -- and this is a total kick -- the head honcho down here once wanted office services to frost the interior windows (because, you know, it's a total drag to have an office with an interior window. what's the point? so you can see when i'm busy? we are not all equal -- if we were, there would be no offices. okay, so that's a painfully uncool thing to say, but i've earned my office and i don't get paid overtime.). but office services' only solution was window film, which we all know is not the easiest thing to put on completely cleanly without a lot of effort. frankly, it rarely looks good from both sides. it may look fab on one side, but it would look so utterly ghetto on the other if the bubbles weren't all smoothed out. so the head guy said no and that was the end of that. but now they are seeing (and one person actually stopped my boss in the elevator to discuss this) that a simple window covering can have the same effect. she mentioned seeing something similar at ikea and wondered if i had bought it there, so he explained to her what i did. he tells me i can now expect to see versions of my window treatment all over the floor. go crafty private me!

by the way, conscience kills, especially with frantic types like myself. the other day i gave in and sent my boss a message about the wallpaper. he didn't respond, so i was nervously declaring to all that silence means yes. but while he was in here today, he said it was okay by him as long as i didn't use glue. yay! i have samples on order for my selsey and woods, so soon i expect to have a decision made on this. thank goodness he said yes... i told someone if he turned me down i'd just wallpaper a large canvas (which would be cheaper, sure, but large canvases are kind of hard to transport), but i really had my heart set on putting the paper directly up on the wall. my assistant doesn't really see any reason to decorate an office, but he did agree (and he winced) when i pointed out that we spend most of our waking hours at the job, so we might as well like the sight of our own space.



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