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paul is very much a member of the spinning-around-in-circles-is-the-best-kind-of-fun camp. me... i seem to get dizzy way too easily now. guess i'm getting old (or i have an inner ear issue that i don't know about).

the latest game is called merry-go-round, but paul sometimes calls it mommy-go-round. he stands in front of me with his arms up. i grab his wrists, lift him off the ground and we spin in a circle. while we're spinning, i have to slowly lift him and lower him to mimic the movement on a merry-go-round. the first time i did this, he yelled, "horse!" with such delight i knew i had cursed myself.

we played last night until i thought i might throw up. luckily for me, even when paul is having great fun, he's still pretty easily distracted -- so the idea of blocks and blue were enough to get him to leave me alone for a bit. when i was a kid, i loved to spin and spin until i fell down. when did i turn into such a wuss?



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