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a weekend in july

while discussing the blogs and the media (sounds weighty, no? yay for the internet!), cam and i somehow got to talking about the new penny arcade book and how he felt bad that he had never contributed anything to the penny arcade guys, but he thought that buying the book made up for that oversight. (har. i just realized maybe he wouldn't want me to write that here.)

me: and you're going to get volume two...
cam: and three. they're coming out by the end of the year.
me: volume two comes out in august, right?
cam: it's actually coming out at the [comic] con.
me: the con? and they'll be there, right?
cam: yeah.
me: so why don't we go? we can get it signed!
cam: you want to bring paul to the con?
me: why not? we can take paul to sea world (when it's not raining [since it was all cats and dogs the one time we brought him]), the zoo... we don't have to spend the whole weekend at the con.
cam: that is an interesting idea.

so now we may go to the comic-con. i'm rather pleased because the con is an interesting experience and i found it amusing the two times before i've gone with cam, but i would not blame paul if he grew up to despise all things geek. it might be a little early for the indoctrination.



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