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american muscle car

paul: my car.
cam's sister: what kind of car is that?
paul: trans am.

even though paul has lots of perfectly good new toys at our house to play with, he has lately been transfixed by a beat-up black sports car somewhat bigger than a matchbox car. (he also has a weird fondness for the two longest blocks in his box of duplos. he won't really use them for building -- he's more prone to just walking around while clutching them tightly in his little hands. occasionally he'll stand them on end and shout "buildings!" at no one in particular.) he found this in the old toy junkyard also known as my in-laws' house. paul, understandably, loves going there. i never know what he's going to bring home next.

anyway, he recently brought home this little trans am. in his imagination, the car zooms like no car has ever zoomed before. it literally and figuratively crushes other toy cars. few things at this point in his life please paul more than to have me drop this little car (from about three feet) on top of another little car.

the other day we were driving back from cam's parents' house when we realized that we had left the trans am behind. "hopefully he won't notice," we chittered nervously to each other behind our hands. all was well for a while. he was lying across my lap, half-dozing and half-watching tv when it suddenly hit him that he wasn't holding his beloved car. his face screwed up and he wailed, "my car!" so cam hopped back into his car to retrieve paul's.

between cam's parents' and my mom, paul's car collection at our house is getting a little scary. i don't mind him having toy cars, but i do mind when they are silly. in addition the trans am, he has a chartreuse beetle, a yellow hummer, a police car which says "dui patrol" on the side or something like that (and whose doors fly open when you slam the front into something hard), a recycling truck, a sheriff's car and a tiny simpsons wagon. taste, people!



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