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coke and crazy glue

yesterday we finally tried the cyclone experiment. cam originally just taped the two bottles together, but then got the way fancy idea of crazy-gluing the caps together and drilling a hole through them.

while cam worked on the caps (and got glue on his fingers more than once, i might add), paul and i played on the floor with the bottles. it was pretty cool, but the water level was clearly dropping as more and more leaked from the taped joint. paul was intrigued by the whole thing and liked to watch from the top looking down. (remember when just about all two-liter soda bottles had that opaque plastic bottom? that would have diminished our enjoyment greatly.) then paul and my mom went to go watch mythbusters while i cleaned up. cam and i joined them there soon afterwards.

after the glue dried, cam returned to the kitchen and set the bottles up with the new attachment. the hole he had drilled was really small, so the effect was quite different. oooh. ahhh. pretty. (paul, however, was unimpressed and left the room while we were still playing with it.) unfortunately, because the hole was so small, you really had to shake the contraption to get it working -- and all that vigorous shaking eventually broke the glue. oh well. it was fun while it lasted. i expect cam will have time to perfect it before the we watch that particular ep of blue's clues again.



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