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i never knew what they were called until this moment. a digital on-screen graphic (d.o.g. -- also known as a bug, apparently) is that thing in the corner of your tv screen letting you know what channel you're watching. the first time i saw these, i thought they were neat, but as they have gradually become more and more obtrusive, i find myself annoyed by them.

the national geographic one is cool -- it's their golden rectangle, right off the cover of their magazine. it's instantly familiar, although, as cam and i realized, having an empty rectangle as a logo can be a little confusing because if you end up on that channel without thinking, you may find yourself staring at the rectangle and wondering what you're supposed to be looking at.

the worst, worst offender (to me, anyway) would have to be noggin. nick, jr. is kind of irritating, too, because they have a rotating series of them -- and they move -- and some of them are far too big. but noggin, oh my god, noggin has these huge, huge, huge logos (which change with the seasons) that regularly obscure the entire bottom right corner (haven't seen a left corner one in a while). when you're watching blue's clues, as we so often are in our household, you sometimes miss clues because they are hidden behind that goddamned logo. sometimes it's funny (like when mr. salt stepped behind a large snowman), but most of the time it's just an annoyance. a big cute wacky annoyance.



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