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first wheels

finally trekked out to manhattan beach to buy a bike helmet for paul, along with toddler sunglasses and a bike bell. (unexpected bonus: turns out cam is still an rei member -- from high school -- so yay for membership perks.) when we left, paul was initially mad because we didn't buy a canoe, but he's an adaptable child.

later that evening we faced our fears and assembled his tot bike. it is truly a tiny bike, but paul is apparently a tiny child because we would have pushed the seat lower if we could have. short legs! he requested a basket (and i like this idea because then maybe he might actually ride the thing with both hands on the handles rather than one hand on a handle and the other gripping a toy), so i figure our next trip to target will involve the purchase of the smallest bike basket we can find. cam found a way to attach the bike bell (electrical tape to build up the handlebar enough for the bell to stay put), so i expect he'll be able to attach a wee basket as well.

paul wobbled and doddled around on his little bike, looking very determined. he twisted the bell with gusto, then stopped to offer me ice cream with every ring. he fought the helmet, but gave in and wore it like a big boy. he smiled and said proudly, "my bicycle," and i wanted to cry.



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