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get back

the "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" movie from 1978 is on the sundance channel right now. (well, it's ending, actually.) cam has never seen it before, so he's looking at the tv with a mixture of bewilderment, curiosity and a somewhat watered-down sense of scorn. i have fond childhood memories of this movie. very fond memories. my uncle the beatles fan lived with us for a while back in the '80s. (he used to play his guitar and we'd sing, him with his heavy accent and us with our reedy little kid voices.) he really enjoyed this movie so we watched it quite a bit. i don't think i've seen it more than, say, "heathers," "grease" or the original "revenge of the nerds," but i know i saw it at least 8 times before i was 8. i think initially i may have even preferred the bee gees to the beatles because barry gibb was all kinds of hot. in fact, it wasn't until i was in high school that i realized that so many of the songs on the soundtrack were not actually on the sgt. pepper album. now i'm a bit sheepish about all of that, but it comes with growing up in those times. i was a pretty damned good disco dancer at one point in my life, too -- but that would have been when i was about six.



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