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hair loss

last night cam was reading "corny the cornpicker" for the zillionth time to paul. i could probably recite the book from memory myself, but i found myself giggling when i misheard "new paint" as "toupee." so i told cam and this set paul off on the longest giggling fit i've heard to date... all because cam sillied up the story by adding two extra words wherever he thought they'd fit: "and bald."

"and bald!" shrieked paul. "bald! bald! bald!"

cam: is bald your favorite word?
paul: mmm hmmm. bald!

they started the book over. paul decided that the two best friends were named corny bald and johnny bald. i was practically crying, i was laughing so hard. i think that they could have gone on all night with this if we all hadn't been so tired. but then again, perhaps we were all laughing because we were so tired. still makes me smile, though.



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