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happy easter

cam's mother raised a good point today:

if you can't fill plastic eggs with candy, what else can you put inside them?

no wonder cam's mom and my mom made easter baskets for paul with eggs filled with toy cars (brought by the easter michelin man, no doubt). it struck me as weird when i saw my mom's creation (a traditional pretty wire basket with ribbon and purple plastic grass), and i thought it was funny when i saw the one my in-laws gave paul (a big dump truck filled with toy cars in eggs, a hot wheels toothbrush and a stuffed cupcake toy on top), but it didn't occur to me until cam's mom pointed it out that nothing else would work as well. paul really isn't a stuffed animal kind of kid and candy is completely off-limits because of his allergies, so... yeah. cars it is.

we went over to cam's parents' house for lunch. paul refused a nap, but kept on strong. he played with sand, he found plastic eggs (can't hide real ones because they might crack and he could get a contact rash -- can't dye eggs for the same reason) hidden in the backyard, he "hid" plastic eggs in the house by dumping the basket on the floor, he played with cars, he watched tv. we eventually left him there so we could do some stuff at home (i had two loads of laundry left), but it wasn't long before his aunt called us at his request.

he fell asleep on the way home. hope he's out for the night or the next few hours are going to be really painful.



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