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heart and soul, or spock's wedding

paul was looking intently at a cd case with some cartoony writing and drawing on it. "pancake, salt and cheese," he declared. "watch it."

i took the case from him. it was an 80s compilation cd -- "retro lunchbox: gooey love songs." "you can't watch this, it's a cd. nothing to watch," i told paul. then i held it up for cam to see. "a sandwich, thermos and a cupcake," i said, pointing at the food drawings. cam turned his head and laughed, then reached for the cd.

cam read the track listings, then proceeded to make paul repeat names and titles after him. most of them paul just mumbled or cutely messed up, but he was able to say "t'pau" with amusing clarity. then he would laugh. t'pau. t'pau. isn't that a star trek reference? figures. after all, he is his father's son (and his grandfather's grandson).



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