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park place

cam told paul we were going to a park today, so we had no choice but to go to one. (paul fought us for the idea of going to the park first before breakfast, but we won. as it was, it was already after ten when we left home, so breakfast was paramount.)

we decided to visit the park that had been recommended to us by the mother of another 2.5-year-old we had met at a local park a week or so earlier. right away we could tell this was a nice park. the houses surrounding the park were all well maintained. the people were attractive. the grass was lush. there were two dad-types flying huge remote-controlled glider things. a crowd of people were taking turns sliding down a grassy hill on large chunks of ice. no graffiti. no trash. no bullies making little kids cry. just upper-middle class people lounging in the sun.

the other mother was right when she said that this park had better play equipment for toddlers. paul had a ball on the slides and the swings (hurray for bucket swings, known in our household as "buckets of swing"). because the park wasn't particularly crowded, paul and his dad used an entire climbing/slide structure as a playground for paul's tiny trans am. i think i got some good pictures of that car flying through the air.

i think we'll be going back to that park pretty soon. it's not that far from our house and it's probably the nicest one in the area. maybe next time we'll try the ice slide.



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