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on saturday, cam brought me a sandwich from our local sandwich shop. it was my usual kind of sandwich (all sides, no meat), so i was horrified when i suddenly found myself running to the bathroom to throw up.

cam: you're not pregnant, are you?

on sunday, cam bought a pizza. our usual: mushrooms, olives, tomatoes. moments into my first bite, i felt the (un)familiar nausea. cam seemed amused. after some thought (system checks), i determined it was the olives. sure enough, once i removed the olives from my pizza, i was fine.

me: what's wrong with me?
cam: you held a baby last week.

sunday afternoon i was thinking, "hey, maybe i am pregnant..." but then the beginning-of-the-month roller coaster hormones kicked in and i was soon pms-ing like mad. verge of tears, cranky as hell, grump, grump, grump. i wanted to fight, i wanted to cry, i wanted it to be the second week of the month. i think paul has nothing to worry about quite yet.



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