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return policy

while we were at the apple store at south coast plaza yesterday, we overheard a sales associate explaining how apple handles the sale of previously owned computers. he was extremely careful to stress that the these returned machines had only been returned because the buyer had "changed their mind." yes, that is the only possible explanation to why a person (an insane person, no doubt) would want to return an apple. "mwahaha," he laughed, twirling his devilishly long mustache, "after that lobotomy -- which was strictly against my advice -- he just up and returned his mac. RETURNED IT. can you imagine? i knew that surgery would do him no good." i don't have a problem with this explanation, actually. it's a little farcical (god forbid that maybe an apple wouldn't work for everyone), but he is, after all, trying to make a sale.

i also don't really have a problem with the fact that they only offer a 10% discount should you choose to buy a returned machine. it's somewhat paltry, but it's a discount. at least they acknowledge that someone else bought this stuff first. they could be like a certain themed and poorly staffed electronics store i will not name here that cheerfully puts the full price tag on all returned goods (so cam tells me -- i sure as hell don't shop there).

here's my problem: if you buy a returned item, what you are buying is considered to be "refreshed." not previously owned, not refurbished, but refreshed. pray tell, what exactly is involved in the "refreshing" process? a nice alcohol wipe and a spritz of eau de cologne? it just seems so pretentious, but this is apple we're talking about here.



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