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stockpiling paper products

whenever i go into paul's closet, it makes me a little sad. not because i see all of his tiny outgrown clothes (because i don't -- most of them aren't stored there), but because i see how we have less than two-and-a-half boxes left of costco's old kirkland wipes. once they're gone, i don't know what i'll do.

sometime last year i got wind of the fact that costco was changing the supplier for their store-brand baby wipes. because we absolutely loved their wipes and had been using them since paul was born, this was devastating news. my mom started buying an extra box every single time she stopped by there, which was at least twice a month. soon we had a nice little stash built up of those weird pastelly rainbow boxes. when we showed up at costco one day and saw unfamilar boxes, we scoffed in the face of disasters foretold and confidently walked past them without a second look.

as the stash dwindles, i know i should start thinking about a new brand. i hate huggies wipes, even though we love their diapers. i liked pampers wipes for washing my face (i used to buy those from the grocery store for years prior to having a child because i just liked the convenience of them), but thought they might be too rough for their actual intended use. yes, i have a rough tough weatherbeaten old face. i liked the lansinoh wipes included as samples in the big boxes of breast pads, but because i have never bought a full-size box i don't know if they made any changes between beta and production. those might be worth a shot, but the idea of buying wipes in such small quantities makes me very nervous. i've read that the new costco wipes aren't as bad as they could be (considering huggies makes them), but buying them in such large quantities without getting to try them first also makes me very nervous.

i've got some time left before these run out, but i guess i should start shopping around. even though paul is doing pretty well with the potty-training and i almost need more clorox wipes than baby wipes, i have a feeling our need for these is far from over.



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