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the mom-cut

i love having long hair. it makes me look feminine, it makes me feel pretty, it helps hide my fat upper back. but this past weekend we went out and i finally grasped the fact that i don't have a hairstyle. i just have hair. a ponytail is not a hairstyle. my grown-out bangs give me a weird hippyish vibe. when i let my hair airdry, it's a foofy 80s mess. i need help. i like to think i'm still too young for the updated dorothy hamill chop, but i'm not sure what else to do. whenever i cut my hair short people tell me they really like it, but all i can think is, "dammit, hair, grow!" i need women friends to advise me on this sort of crap. i have a gay friend, but he's useless in this regard.



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